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College students are bringing more connected devices on campus than ever before, using them to access more web-based applications and high-definition content every day. Their mobile, digital lifestyle has led to unpredictable spikes in network traffic that can bring school networks to a crawl at any given time. Attempts to solve the problem with expensive bandwidth upgrades have only led to increased bandwidth usage by students.

To get insatiable bandwidth usage under control, Untangle enables network administrators to prioritize access to online school systems and educational content, while controlling the delivery of entertainment and recreational content – some of which can not only introduce liability from illegal downloads but also carry malware payloads. Students, staff and guests are protected from online threats, ensuring a secure and reliable Internet connection for all users campus-wide.


Electronic Health Records (EHR) mandates are driving the adoption of connected devices at healthcare providers. Healthcare providers, organizations, and data warehouses must tightly control and secure patient health information (PHI) to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance. More devices on the network can also cause unpredictable spikes in traffic that limit mission-critical applications sending and receiving data.

Untangle enables the healthcare industry to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant with granular controls over who has access to what data, and includes built-in security to prevent data breaches and other headaches caused by malware. When every second counts, medical staff needs to feel confident that critical information will be available at their fingertips.


Nonprofits face many of the same challenges as for-profit businesses, such as securing their networks and data while keeping their staff safe and productive. But often, nonprofits have tighter operational budgets and even fewer resources to deal with IT infrastructure, online security, and secure data issues.

Banking &Financial

To make sure that network security doesn’t take a backseat to other budget needs, Untangle provides nonprofit organizations with the same powerful, easy-to-use solutions that it sells to businesses, but with special pricing to fit those tighter budgets.

Financial institutions are seeing an unprecedented increase in network attacks. Cyber-criminals capable of evading legacy security solutions are focusing on the financial industry and the treasure trove of information it holds. To combat this, network administrators must upgrade to next-generation firewalls and other appliances that are comprehensive and cost-effective. Protecting sensitive client data is just one issue in an industry where time is money. Ensuring speedy access to business-critical applications is just as important. Additionally, companies must comply with regulation including SOX, FINRA, GLB, and PCI DSS.

Untangle gives financial institutions everything they need in one powerful, affordable appliance. Client data is safe, access to business-critical data is immediate, and satisfying compliance standards is simple.

Federal Government

Network security in the federal government has been under attack not only by hackers, but by the scrutiny of the public. With more and more data breaches occurring and sensitive information being released, the federal government must protect its assets and personnel information from future threats. Implementing a next ­generation firewall and intrusion prevention system is a necessary step for network administrators to ensure a safe and secure environment for sensitive information. With Untangle, the federal government and its entities are able to monitor and investigate potential breaches with a cost ­effective solution.