Implement A Hybrid Integration Platform

A simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service solution that extends tried-and-trusted tools

on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud.

Hybrid Integration

Hybrid Integration

In recent years, we have seen IT infrastructure and platform with a Major Shift in Hybrid Cloud Integration.  A hybrid integration platform is on-premises and cloud-based, integration technologies securely connected so that it supports the integration of on-premises endpoint, cloud endpoints and the combination of the two, for all integration patterns.

Converting to an all cloud integration application system is not always the best solution for all enterprises; nor is continuing with out-of-date legacy systems.  Hybrid cloud integration provides the perfect middle ground solution for enterprises, assuring that data from on-premises legacy systems can integrate with cloud data, ensuring businesses have the full advantage when driving business forward.

A hybrid cloud allows enterprises to retain control of their IT environments while sending non-mission-critical workloads to the public cloud to take advantage of flexibility and scalability. Creating a hybrid cloud is complex work, as companies face problems with integration, migration and other hassles.

The hybrid cloud model is consist of at least one public cloud and one private cloud. Getting a hybrid cloud project off the ground means dealing with migration and integration challenges. Understanding how to get started on your hybrid cloud will be the key to success — from choosing a provider to planning and executing migration


Azure Hybrid Integration Solution

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