Digital Government Transformation






Drive digital government transformation

Help governments acquire and deploy integrated, flexible cloud-first, mobile-first solutions including innovative business process, productivity and mobility solutions based on trusted cloud technologies and backed by the technology skills and industry expertise governments need to transform.

Trust, openness, partnerships, and a citizen-centered approach provide the strong foundation for Microsoft to partner with governments to deliver Digital Government as the new technology catalyst of economic growth, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and good governance. Microsoft’s focus on delivering a trusted cloud and innovative productivity and mobility solutions, supported by a vast network of technology partners, empowers public servants to do and achieve more for the institutions, businesses, and citizens they serve.

Learn how to deliver the platform and productivity solutions governments need to address all the key transformation challenges they face—from mobility, data analytics, and IoT, to the cloud infrastructure that makes it all possible. The resources in this campaign describe four key use cases that illustrate practical solutions related to the Efficient Government Operations scenario.

Video Storage and Streaming
Microsoft Cloud offers platform choices for cost effective and highly scalable video storage and tools for video management that can help government workers work effectively with video information, create insights, and collaborate with other agencies on the results.

Governments can migrate Linux workloads to Microsoft Cloud, which provides native Linux capabilities, and take advantage of the scale, choice, reduced cost and improved management capability the Microsoft Cloud delivers.

Citizen Facing Websites
The Microsoft Cloud provides government agencies with a flexible, highly scalable and low-cost way to deliver high performance, high availability, citizen-facing websites while helping to reduce hosting and management costs.

Data Center Consolidation
The Microsoft flexible cloud-based platform can scale to meet immediate computer and storage needs related to seasonal or one-time demand spikes, so costs match delivery, and customers don’t end up paying for unused capacity.

Platform and Productivity

Help governments of all sizes harness the data explosion to produce actionable analysis, deeper insights, and better decision making.
Smarter Government Action (Advanced Analytics and IoT)

Develop and deliver solutions based on Microsoft technology that enable anyone to work with virtually any type of data in new and insightful ways—whether in the cloud, on-premises, or on a hybrid data platform using self-service data analysis tools and applications. The resources in this campaign describe four key use cases that illustrate practical solutions related to the Smarter Government Action scenario.

Government Dashboards
With easy-to-consume digital Dashboards based on Microsoft BI and analytics technologies, your government customers can get more value from their growing volumes of data by combining different data types—including geographical location data and social media—to develop insights and make decisions that both improve existing digital services and facilitate the creation of new ones.

Operational Efficiency
Microsoft data analytics tools help governments access and analyze data in meaningful ways to help identify opportunities for improvement in service and operations efficiency, and drive accountability and transparency, all of which contribute to intelligent use of budgets and resources.

Performance Management
Microsoft self-service data tools provide a range of capabilities for visualizing data and interacting with it, and producing alternate views of KPIs and comparisons that help individuals, teams, and departments analyze performance and identify the drivers behind the results.

Open Data
Encourage citizens and entrepreneurial developers to use government open data to innovate new citizen services through new web tools and apps to foster greater transparency and help drive economic growth, increased opportunities, and improved citizen service


Connecting Agencies and Citizens (Cloud Productivity)

Virtual Town Hall
Microsoft provides innovative cloud-based services like Skype for Business, designed to deliver online meetings in real time to audiences ranging from one to thousands of viewers. Government leaders can stream high quality video to citizens using any capable device, on any operating system. Afterward, they can gauge citizen sentiment using the Q&A capabilities of Bing Pulse and Yammer, then gain additional insights from in-depth post-event metrics using Power BI and Power Map.

Records and Document Management
From creation and collaboration to record declaration, policy-driven retention, and finally, document disposal or archiving, Microsoft and partner solutions allow case workers to access, amend, collaborate, and share information securely across boundaries, protect document integrity, and reduce legal risk.

Worker Productivity
Microsoft delivers familiar Office features, video conferencing, instant messaging, rich presence information, shared workspaces, and other social tools that leverage the anywhere connectivity benefits of the cloud. Desk workers, case workers, inspectors, and personnel in both the office and the field can stay connected to the people, information, and systems they need to stay productive and get the job done, on the devices they’re used to.

Case Management/Social Engagement
Dynamics CRM Online can help deliver a complete case worker experience, providing a holistic view of cases, a consistent view of information regardless of where it is stored, and a defined workflow process that guides workers through each stage of the case’s lifecycle.